Northwoods' Notebook

Setting Sun

The sun cast a golden glow in the trees as it was setting tonight and the trees also reflected in the water, it was just beautiful!

sun 002

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Crafty Kids!

Each summer we have a kids nature day and make fun crafts together. These two girls loved the bird feeders we made from popsicle sticks and sent of picture from home with them hanging from their trees!

Busy working onĀ  fun things we are making this year……


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Everyone enjoys seeing the otters swim by the resort every night but when they play on the ice you can get a better look at them. Here is our resident family having fun this winter.

otters 004

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Ice is Gone!!!

Well as of Sunday all the ice was gone! Spring is here and is it beautiful! And for all of our customers who stay in the Woods Home, this will be your new view as Dick cut down the big pine tree that was blocking the view of the lake, I love how it looks now!

lake 006

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White Ducks!

We had a huge flock of white ducks stop over on the lake on their way up North! Personally I think we are far enough up North but these ducks will be going way up North to Canada! It was fun to watch them play for a day on their way!

lake 003

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Tea House

Many of you know how much I like tea! Well at Winter Park, our premier cross country ski area near us they have a tea house that is open on the weekends for tea and hot chocolate. Awesome little building. (I think I need one here at the resort too, what do you think?)

phone as of march 2016 1168 phone as of march 2016 1169

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And the Loons are back even before the whole lake opens up. How do they know it will open in April this year when it was not until May the last 2 years. God’s miracle and so glad they are back!

spring 2016 010

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Just can’t wait! First kayak ride of 2016 even with the ice on the lake!

spring 2016 008

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Zoo Boo

Every year for about 6 years now the Wildlife Center Zoo in Minocqua has a special even called ZOO BOO on their last day open. All the kids come in costumes and the businesses in the area bring candy for the kids and it is a fun fun day. This year we had some kids in the resort that came especially to go to ZOO BOO. Loved their costumes!

halloween zoo boo

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Double Rainbow

Yesterday we had a couple short rainfalls, early afternoon with the sun shining bright a 5 minute downpour which then gave us this beautiful double rainbow, we could actually see all of both rainbows.


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