Last week Dick & I took a trip to the eastern part of the state, a place where we had gone many times in the early years of our marriage. Come down memory lane with us:

This is what you see:

Riding down the road viewing beautiful color:               A peaceful Stream:


        An empty Lake Lot:                                 A pretty Stream:


A pretty, hilly road :                   Buffalo!


But what we really saw were memories, memories  of the creek where we almost lost our golden retiever Rusty who had jumped in the water and couldn’t swim out of the current and almost went through the culvert till we jumped in to grab him. 

Memories of a cabin on that empty lake lot that was so horrible and dirty we let them keep the deposit and stayed overnight in the back of our pick-up under the topper – 4 of us!!!

Memories of riding our bikes with our little son Ricky on the back, up and down those hills.

 Memories of a young bride who was told that the only he could catch fish was to be slowly rowed around the lake and she did it!

Memories of catching our limit of crappies and having to clean them in the dark with no running water on a hill outside our tent camper!

And memories of the joy of our little son every time we drove by the buffalo.

These are memories that we will never forget and love remembering every time we take a day trip over there. 

And that is what we want to do for you at Booth Lake Landing Resort – give you memories that will last a life time!