I am sharing here with you one of the comments on the special home as it is all correct and much more detailed than I even knew. These houses both sit across from Bosacki’s. Thank you Micaela (owner of one of  my favorite scrapbooking stores ) for sharing all this information!  :

This house and the larger house next to it were both Sears houses. In the early 1900’s Sears sold complete home packages under their “Modern Homes” catalog division. Sears took advantage of many new modern advances in building material (for example drywall) and could ship the materials and plans for a home to consumers. This Minocqua home pictured was the “Ridgeland” model number 13302 and sold for between $1,293 and $1,496. This model was sold between 1933 and 1940. I think the scroll on the chimney is the letter “S”.