Well the first person to guess what was in the pictures was right, it is a Stormy Kromer!  Now what is that you ask, well here is the story:

In 1903, Wisconsin locomotive engineer George “Stormy” Kromer, a former semi-pro baseball player, asked his wife, Ida, to modify one of his baseball hats for protection against the bitter winds on his wintertime railroad runs. Ida created an all-wool cap with a short brim and an insulated flap that could be pulled down over the ears. The cap was a hit with Kromer’s co-workers, and it gained popularity as railroad crews traveled across the Midwest. The Kromers made and sold the hats out of their home until 1919, when they opened a cap manufacturing plant in Milwaukee.

They are very famous in Ironwood Mich which is just across the boarder into Michigan  1 hour north of us.  And anyone who is out in the cold for long needs a Stormy Kromer to keep warm.  There is more to the story, it went out of production in 2001 and a local of Ironwood was drinking his morning coffee and heard that production was stopped and decided to buy the company and started the Stormy Kromer Mercantile. Last year alone they made 75,000 of the hats.