While my granddaughter was visiting she told me about a very interesting person I would like to share with you.  Her teacher (who used to teach in Minocqua!) has a daughter Katie who is engaged to Abe Clark. Abe is running across America to raise money to provide clean water to Haiti. My granddaughter Kate shared his website with me. I looked at it and was so fascinated with his journey and purpose that I wanted to share it with all of you. He started at the Pacific Ocean and you can follow his trail all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.  He has a cart he  pushes along the way that he named Ruby.  If you read his blog you will find out why it’s named Ruby.  His blog is so interesting I hope you all have time to look at the website and enjoy his journey through his blog. The picture was taken from his website which is www.runningwater.cc. You can click on it and go to the website. I hope you enjoy his story as much as I did.

Abe Clark & Katie Kopp