During the summer of 2009 Ollie was telling Dick about the help she gives her grandma with their Christmas Tree Farm. So Dick says, I should come get one from you. Ollie then talks to me about the tree I want, a nice tall one for my cathedral ceiling. So Dec 09 rolls around and I say to Dick we have to go to Stevens Point to get our Christmas tree from Ollie. Dick says no she wasn’t serious about saving us a tree. Well……….then comes summer 2010 and as Ollie comes out of the car for their vacation here she says to Dick…. you didn’t come get your special tree I picked out for you. So guess how bad Dick felt,  so he made the promise to come Dec. 2010. We called the family up in Dec. planning to come down the next weekend so the kids would be home too. We then got a call that the snow was so deep they were not cutting trees anymore that year because they couldn’t get back by them.  So now it’s 2011 and I told Dick we are going to get our tree before any snow comes so today was the day. We had a great ride down to Steven’s Point, saw the whole family and went with Ollie to cut down our special tree. It was a very special day for us and I will post pictures later after it is all decorated.

Ollie and our Special Tree!

Olie's dad Randy cutting the tree fresh for us!


Coming out the baler, to be continued...........