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I told you Deer are Everywhere!

There were 10 deer in this field, I could only get a few in the picture or they would have been too far away.


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The Deer are Everywhere!

Saw at least 15 deer today just on one road, they are everyone!

I liked this picture so will share one more picture of a deer!

Just one of many!!!!

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A Moose on the Loose!

What a sight we saw tonight! A moose swam from the south end of Booth Lake the long way past the resort over to the shore on our left. It was lucky we had some customers in the lake home that not only got in on the excitement but got some good pictures for us. This is something we have never seen before and may won’t ever see again. Enjoy!

Swimming by the Lake Home!

Climbing up on the Shore!

What a sight!


Look who came to visit!

There were two of these deer in the woods and

then traveling down our driveway today!

They were fun to watch!

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This deer has been seen behind the Woods Cabin every day!

Isn't she cute?

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A New Family at the Resort

A new family stopped by for a rest but left after a couple hours:

A cozy family!

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I just thought this was an awesome picture!

Along Highway 47 coming home from Rhinelander!

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This Eagle nest is on Hwy 70 just on the left after you turn off Bo-Di-Lac Dr. And how awesome to get a picture of the Eagle too! Thanks to one of our customers who took this and sent it to us. Thanks Jenny!

Great Picture!

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No the print wasn’t from a deer , it was confirmed a wolf print. This deer was by the side of the road eating, and let us take a picture close enough that I didn’t use the telephoto lens!!


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Black Bear

We had our annual Bo-Di-Lac dinner tonight at Norwoods Pines, had a great dinner then a speaker from North Lakeland Discovery Center who gave a talk on Black Bears. It was a very interesting and informative program. But the best part was on the way home a black bear crossed Hwy 70 in front of us. What are the chances of that happening on the night we hear about them. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry but they move fast and it was getting dark.

Awesome sight!

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