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Black Bear!!!!

We had a visitor at the back door of the log home while we were cleaning today although he wasn’t very helpful!



Black Bears!

A group of fisherman who were in the resort last week had an experience they won’t forget! While they were fishing the heard a commotion and looked up and saw this black bear. They watched as he reached into the water and pulled out a deer carcass, sit and eat off it. Quite a sight to see.

Reaching in the water:

Pulling out the Deer:



Love the Wildlife!

On our way out to dinner on sat. we saw a grouse in our driveway but it flew away too fast for a picture,

Then around the first turn on Bo-Di-Lac Dr. we saw a deer but it ran across the road too fast for a picture,

Two more turns down the road there was a bear standing on the side of the road moving almost too fast for a picture:

  This was the best I could get to share! But it was an awesome ride to town!


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The Big Bear Hunt!

 Any one who has ever wanted to bear hunt knows that you need to apply for a permit every year and you won’t get a permit until the 6th year at least. Well, our neighbor and friend finally received his first permit the 7th year and hunted every weekend just down the road from the resort.  He was finally lucky enough to get this bear  last weekend.  He is going to have a rug made and enjoy the meat.  Congratulations Chuck!

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A 200lb. Black Bear!

We have had a visitor at our bird feeder this spring. He seems to like it at Booth Lake Landing as much as our customers do!

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