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An Incredible Christmas Village!

Moose Jaw Resort again has the most incredible Christmas Village up. Bigger and better than last year. I will take a couple trips there to see it all:

And this whole wing is new this year:

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A Christmas Party!

Our Fire Department Auxiliary had a fun Christmas Party tonight at the Riverside.  The Riverside is 8 miles west of us on the left just across from Pike Lake.  The food was delicious, the games fun, the gifts gorgeous and all in all a good time.  And we raised $600 from raffles which is going to the local food pantry.  I hope you all have wonderful Christmas Parties to attend all month long!



My Favorite Scene’s of the Christmas Village

Here are some close ups of my favorite parts of the Christmas Village.

The merry go round and both Ferris wheels turn….

The Train runs and look at the kid making the snow angel!

Love the lake and there is even a log cabin by it!

Wouldn’t you love to sled down this hill!

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A Christmas Village

Moose Jaw Resturant has the largest and most beautiful Christmas Village I have ever seen. While we were there on New Years Eve I took many pictures and I am going to be putting them up for the next few days so you can all enjoy this wonderful Village.

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