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The Challenge Was Met!

  Gary was motivated when he saw the challenge on the blog and not 10 minutes after he went out on the lake he caught this beautiful 36″ + Musky. You can tell by his smile that he was up to the challenge and proud of his catch.  And she went back into the lake for someone else to find!

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Musky from Booth Lake

Richard Chickey just spent two weeks at Booth Lake Landing. Last week he was on the blog for the nice walleye he caught.  He also caught enough nice crappies for a couple dinners but the highlight of his two weeks was catching this beautiful musky this week. I bet it is hard for him going home today after finally getting a musky in the boat but he will be back this fall to try again! Great catch!

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First Musky Caught in 2009!

Justin caught and released the first musky in 2009 on June 2nd. It measured in at 36 inches and was hooked on a spinner bait while bass fishing! His fishing partner Mark had been fishing for muskies all day and was very jealous. Good catch Justin!

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