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Nice Northern Pike!

Max and his dad caught this nice Northern on night last week on Booth Lake! Nice catch Max!


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A Great Day Fishing!

We had two cabins of customers that are from Poland in this weekend. They are now living in Chicago and have come 3-4  times a year since they found Booth Lake Landing.  They enjoyed this beautiful day fishing and catching many Northern Pike.  They love to take them home and smoke them for a delicious treat.

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A Nice Northern

   Well I thought it was time for another fish picture. This is the guy who rode in on the motorcycle that I blogged earlier. He was only here two days visiting his sister who was here for the week and was real happy catching such a nice fish during his brief visit.

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Great Northern, Nick

Nick Chickey has been coming to the resort for many years and has turned into a great fisherman. He caught this on wed. and was very proud of his big northern. Great fish, Nick

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