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This is for Musky Jim!

Musky Jim left a comment on my blog entry titled COLD and said the following:

“I’d like a picture of a boat right about now!! A big musky in my hands. and a Nice campfire”

Well here you go Jim ———-






The Chickey Family

Many of you read my facebook entry about a customer of ours who found out he had a brain tumor while visiting his sister in Hawaii.  He had surgery there, recovered better than expected, is home and going through treatments every day.  They came up to visit us for Christmas and we had a wonderful time with them. They went ice fishing, snowmobiling and just relaxed.  Once the treatments stop next week know one knows where this will end up so they still need a lot of prayer. But I am so happy they were at least able to enjoy their favorite cabin together and have so much fun this Christmas!



A Scrapbooking Weekend

We had too cabins of card makers in this weekend and I was in one cabin or the other all weekend having a great time.We took classes, ate lots of food, made a bunch of Christmas cards, played Christmas music while the snow was coming down and just had a wonderful weekend.



Congratulations Angie and Chad!

Angie has been coming to the resort for years with her dad fishing. Well, this fall she brought her husband of 1 year to celebrate not only a delayed honeymoon but their 1st anniversary.  They were greeted by flowers, candy and champagne .  The table looked beautiful and they had a wonderful time here.  So Congratulations Angie and Chad and we hope to see you many more years.

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A New Baby!

For those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning, you will remember a picture of a wedding where 22 of us from the resort all had a great time together.  Then there was the picture of the wedding couple using their wedding gift which was a gift certificate to the resort.  Well, we continue to follow Melissa and Bret with a picture of the newest addition to their family. Ave Krahn was born September 2, 2010. Congratulations Melissa and Bret and we look forward to little Ava’s first visit to Booth Lake Landing!


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The First Anniversary!

Many of you may remember last year at this time we had a picture of Stacy and Jay here for their honeymoon. Well today was their first anniversary and they were here with some friends to celebrate with us again. They kept everyone up at the campfire until midnight laughing and having fun.  Congratulations on your anniversary Stacy and Jay and hope you spend many more with us!


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What are they Doing???

Can anyone guess what is going on in this picture???

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Music! Music! Music!

One of our customers last week had her brother come stay for a few days and he brought his accordion with him.  He would sit around the resort and play all day, and it was such wonderful background music for all we did.  Wish he was here all summer!!! Thanks so much for the great entertainment!

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New Skipper on the Pontoon!

We had a new family in this week all the way from Virginia! Today was the day for pontoon boat rides and Dick let Loren drive the boat for the last stretch and she did a great job, even docked the boat! Here she is also with her sister Devon, hope you all have a safe trip all the way back to Virginia this weekend. We had a great time together!


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Nicole’s Birthday

Nicole is up here every year for her birthday. Her mom is a cake decorator so she makes a very special cake for her here every year. This year she made one with a cat on top. It took 4 cake mixes and 12 eggs!  And it was delicious.  Happy Birthday Nicole!


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