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A Nice Walleye

The Walleyes are biting!

Here is Wade with a nice 27″ 8+ lb

one he caught the other night.

Great catch Wade!



Great Walleye Fishing This Weekend


A long time customer and his son in law Brett came up to fish this weekend and the first thing Mike said was I hope to just get one walleye. Well, yesterday he caught 4 walleyes just under legal size. But today they caught these three big ones, 18, 21 and 25 inches. They had a blast, we very very happy and now will enjoy a great meal. Nice fish Mike and Brett!

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A Walleye Story!

This weekend we had a nice young couple come to stay for the weekend. The wife was playing in a quartet at a wedding on Sat so she dropped her husband off to fish while she was at the wedding.  He has been here before with his dad and brother and had fun catching walleyes. Well, we all know with the cold temps fishing has been been hard this month so when he told me he was going out to get at least one walleye for dinner I was not hopeful they would eat! It was cold and rainy all day and I watched him out in his boat trying hard!  He not only got one walleye, he caught a total of 4 legal ones in two days, the largest one 24inches!!!! Sorry I have no picture as we had to take the grandkids home but we did see and measure the fish. Great job providing more than one  dinner Josh!

An addition on Aug. 31 – from Josh:  I read the blog….One thing to mention, I caught more walleyes than mentioned and let a bunch go.

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Great Walleye

  It appears the men might be taking over the fishing contest with Al adding this beautiful 4lb 22inch walleye to the challenge. He was very happy with this fish and back out looking for more!

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Great Walleye Fishing

Richard Chickey had a great time catching this beautiful walleye last night. After a few pictures he is now looking forward to a good walleye dinner. The fish are still biting…. walleye, crappies, bass, and he even had a musky on but not in the boat!